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Film isn’t Dead: Meet Vinny Walsh, Off Center Gallery Featured Artist

Film isn’t Dead: Meet Vinny Walsh, Off Center Gallery Featured Artist

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Vinny Walsh is a nature enthusiast and local photographer, originally from the small town of Cross Village, MI. His love for nature and spending time outdoors organically led him to his specialty—capturing landscapes on film, which he’s been doing for the last 15 years.

Vinny shoots on both medium- and large-format cameras, with black and white and color transparency film. He’s involved in every step of the process, from shooting to developing his own film, making prints, and framing it to a finish. His career in the film industry and love for the outdoors has allowed him to visit nearly all fifty states and twenty national parks. How cool is that?

Vinny currently has a few pieces hanging in the Off Center Gallery at The Green Well, captured from scenes in southwest Michigan. His inspiration is rooted in the lines and curves of his subjects, which he attempts to capture isolated from its surroundings.

“Each piece represents the experience of setting foot in that spot,” Vinny explains. “As time passes, I associate the memories of a place with the photographs I’ve made.”

You can check out more of Vinny’s work on his website or Facebook page.

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