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The Art of Drawing: An interview with Off Center Gallery Artist Destiny Von Brandt

The Art of Drawing: An interview with Off Center Gallery Artist Destiny Von Brandt

Categories: Off Center Art Gallery

Local artist Destiny Von Brandt has been drawing since before she could walk or talk; it has been a part of her life longer than she can remember. A few of her pieces from her newest series “Pride Lands” are featured in the Off Center Gallery at The Green Well, including this one, simply titled “Crocodile.” We asked Destiny about when she found her passion for drawing, and it’s quite an incredible story!

“I often get asked how long I’ve been drawing. My mother will tell you it was before I could even talk. She often recalls the time we were in the grocery store and I would not stop crying so she handed me a notepad and pen and drew a smiley face on the paper. When I took the paper from her and filled the whole page up with doodles, she realized it wasn’t a pacifier or blanket that would get me to shut up—just a pen and paper. Decades later, drawing and design work is still my escape.”

“When I moved to Grand Rapids from Atlanta, Georgia last July, I really buckled down and started drawing every day. I wanted to focus on animals alone as my subject matter for at least a year (minus some commission pieces). I have had a great welcoming to Grand Rapids and have already had a few solo shows.”

“I have been focusing on drawing animals for a year now—drawing them with pen and using lines, dots, and scribbles. I have been challenging myself to make each animal series different from the last. The most recent series “Pride Lands” has negative space delicately placed to highlight the unique features that distinguish each species. That series challenged me to incorporate white space within the hand-drawn wildlife to complement the fine pen detail.”

Destiny’s next solo show will be hosted at Madcap Coffee in September.

Interested in submitting your own work to the Off Center Gallery? Learn more about submission here!

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