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The Art of Great Service: An Interview with Manager Sarah Bullion

The Art of Great Service: An Interview with Manager Sarah Bullion

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We wanted to share what fuels our hospitality fire at Essence Restaurant Group with our get-to-know-the-staff blogs. Last week, we sat down with The Green Well’s Manager, Sarah Bullion.

Originally from St. Johns, Michigan, Sarah moved to Kalamazoo in 2007 to attend Western Michigan University. After graduating in 2012 with a Bachelor of Art in Education, she moved to GR in 2013.

While on the job hunt for a teaching position, Sarah also applied to bars and restaurants. She thought it was odd that she wasn’t receiving any phone calls, and later discovered that interested employers were dialing the wrong area code!

Our manager Bobby at The Green Well (TGW) was the only person to also email Sarah to schedule an interview. So, when asked if TGW chose Sarah or if Sarah chose TGW, she said, “we chose each other! I fatefully ended up at TGW.”

Sarah is able to live out her passion for community, art, and connecting good people to good beer and food in her job at TGW as both manager and curator for the Off Center Gallery.

“I love helping create an atmosphere that embraces community and art and making guests feel comfortable and at home,” she says. “My management role at TGW fulfills my desire to teach by leading people and sharing local art on the walls of the restaurant.”

Sarah also curates art for ICCF’s Art in the Garden, assists with curation as a member of Avenue for the Arts, and has curated for a downtown art show last April.
Favorite dish at TGW?
‘Kind veggie burrito. Meat eaters will also love this and the leftovers leave you with meals for days!’

Quick facts about Sarah

Favorite moment at TGW?
‘I was in with my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day and it was an insanely busy night. The kitchen door swung open and I was able to see my fellow staff members laughing and having a great time all while pumping out amazing food.’

Wine, beer, or booze?
‘It definitely depends on my mood. If I am drinking wine, I enjoy big reds in the winter and crisp whites in the summer. If I’m drinking a beer, it is usually smoky and dry or sour and clean. If I am sipping scotch, it is something smoky from Islay.’

What word best describes the relationship you have with guests at TGW?

What would people be surprised to know about you?
‘I’ve illustrated a series of children’s book for an author in Northern Michigan.

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