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Vander Mill Tour: Cartel Event

Vander Mill Tour: Cartel Event

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We finally kicked off our Cartel events last weekend, after our first couple were unfortunately rained out. Breweries have been a Cartel favorite for past tours, but wanted to shake things up a bit this year by setting up a tour at Vander Mill Cidery, especially since their hard ciders are always in high demand at The Green Well!

On Sunday, August 9, the Cartel traveled to Vander Mill in Spring Lake, MI. We were greeted with friendly smiles and a table of hard cider samplers and tasty snacks. All was plentiful and of course, delicious. The Cartel enjoyed the well-known favorites, like the Traditional Hard Cider, and also some of the more rare treats like the Yellow Brick Rhode, Michigan Wit, Besieged, and Mango Citra.

After the first course of snacks and cider samplers, Vander Mill whipped up breakfast pizzas as the main course and platters of donuts for a sweet ending.

Once we finished filling our bellies, we took a behind-the-scenes look at where the ciders are made at the mill, while getting to hear a lot of interesting info about how Vander Mill came to be and the process of making their ciders.

Paul and Amanda Vander Heide opened Vander Mill in 2006 with no intention of making alcoholic ciders. Their first hard cider was produced in 2008 and since then, Vander Mill continues to grow every year. The mill only uses first-class apples, which gives their ciders a consistently delicious, crisp taste every time.

The Cartel had a blast at this event. Thank you to the employees at Vander Mill for being so awesome and welcoming! Next time you’re at The Green Well, make sure to try a Vander Mill cider with your meal.

Photos by Matt Oberski Photography.

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