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The Green Well Cartel

If your love and loyalty to The Green Well has grown to a point of no return, where you cannot imagine your life without truffle fries and cocktails (it’s okay, we can’t either!), it may be time to make a more serious commitment. We’re ready if you are.

The Cartel is a group of our very best, most loyal customers who have a passion for the local food and sustainability movement in Grand Rapids. As a member of The Cartel, your job is to provide The Green Well with your 100% honest feedback and attendance at some of our awesome events in exchange for VIP status and exclusive invites to some of they city’s coolest opportunities, like brewery tours and food tastings. Who could turn that down?

This is the kind of Cartel you want to join. We take applications once a year for a new induction into The Cartel family, so keep a lookout for our next hiring process and send us an application!

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