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Oddside Ales Beer Dinner: Wednesday, April 4!

Join us on Wednesday, April 4 for an extra-special beer dinner featuring Oddside Ales pairings with each course! Here’s what we’ll be dishing up:

House Made Soft Pretzels

spicy horseradish beer cheese, beer mustard

beer pairing: ‘Beer Me’ American Pale Lager

Seafood Ceviche

shrimp, crab, bay scallops, hominy, grapefruit, cilantro, serrano peppers, fried tortillas

beer pairing: ‘Napoleon’ Belgian Tripel Ale

Smoked Brisket

house smoked brisket, scalloped red skin potatoes, calabrese pepper & herb pesto, pickled vegetables

beer pairing: ‘Car Ramrod’ Black Citra Pale Ale


Mexican hot chocolate, cinnamon sugar

beer pairing: Mayan Imperial Mocha Stout

You’ll get all these delicious courses and beer pairings for just $35! Make a reservation while spots are still available—click here to reserve your table.

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Time to get cultured.

Our favorite artsy-fartsy event is back! Art in the Garden, located in the gardens of the ICCF building, is an annual event that showcases local artists, including painters, photographers, jewelers, sculpturists, musicians, and lots of other talented creatives. Stroll the beautiful gardens at ICCF located directly next door to The Green Well, buy some fabulous artwork, and enjoy lunch or dinner with us before or afterward!

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The Green Well Cartel

If your love and loyalty to The Green Well has grown to a point of no return, where you cannot imagine your life without truffle fries and cocktails (it’s okay, we can’t either!), it may be time to make a more serious commitment. We’re ready if you are.

The Cartel is a group of our very best, most loyal customers who have a passion for the local food and sustainability movement in Grand Rapids. As a member of The Cartel, your job is to provide The Green Well with your 100% honest feedback and attendance at some of our awesome events in exchange for VIP status and exclusive invites to some of they city’s coolest opportunities, like brewery tours and food tastings. Who could turn that down?

This is the kind of Cartel you want to join. We take applications once a year for a new induction into The Cartel family, so keep a lookout for our next hiring process and send us an application!

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Get On Our Wall!

The Green Well is a faithful supporter of local talent in Grand Rapids, MI. That’s why we created the Off Center Gallery: to dedicate a space for local artists only, because we locals have to support each other! We encourage you to apply if you’re an artist who will:

  1. Donate 10% of any sale proceeds to Friends of Grand Rapids Parks and 10% to The Off Center Art Gallery.
  2. Come to a special VIP showing with The Green Well Cartel.
  3. Provide more art in the event someone buys your art.
  4. Let us talk you up to our customers while your art is at The Green Well.
  5. Leave your art in our space for 90 days.

If you’re still down, click here to apply and be considered for a spot in the Off Center Gallery at The Green Well!

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There’s always something fun happening at The Green Well.

In addition to great food and beverage, we love having fun at The Green Well. From manic Monday to Sunday Funday, you can find something that truffles your fries at The Green Well. Click on the items above to find out more!

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