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Schwag On Tuesday Nights!

West Michigan breweries have, admittedly, made us a bit spoiled when it comes to brewhahas. But, we still want to give it up for those beers that have been there in moments of only having a couple bucks to your name and before the craft beer movement came on full-force—the schwag beers.

Gourmet Grilled Cheese & Can of Schwag just $9.99

Come celebrate the schwag with us on Tuesday nights for Schwag & Cheese! A gourmet grilled cheese (meat and veggie options) paired with kettle chips and a can of schwag of your choice for just $9.99. Whether you’re team Stroh’s, Miller, or Bud, we’ve got your suds. Bring your friends and make Schwag & Cheese your new Tuesday night go-to!

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