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The Green Well Cartel

If your love and loyalty to The Green Well has grown to a point of no return, where you cannot imagine your life without truffle fries and cocktails (it’s okay, we can’t either!), it may be time to make a more serious commitment. We’re ready if you are.

The Cartel is a group of our very best, most loyal customers who have a passion for the local food and sustainability movement in Grand Rapids. As a member of The Cartel, your job is to provide The Green Well with your 100% honest feedback and attendance at some of our awesome events in exchange for some awesome perks, like:

  • Call-ahead priority Cartel seating*
  • Food & beverage sampling at signature events
  • Education from our food & beverage experts
  • VIP access to our online feedback system
  • VIP event invites as a member of “The Family”
  • Free promo gear & other great perks

We’re all set with the 2018 Cartel, but keep your eyes peeled for future openings to our VIP program in the future!

*Limitations apply

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